February 12, 2016


H.W. February 11, 2016

*Red/Pink Day

*Hot Dog Money due

*Science Test and Spelling Test

*100th Day of School- Monday, February 22

Have a wonderful week off! Enjoy your vacation!

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Grade 6 – ELA – Honors – Spelling/Vocabulary Quiz

Grade5 – Social Studies – Bring in supplies for Social Studies fair project

Hot Dog money due tomorrow!


Grade 5 – ELA – Honors – Spelling/Vocab test tomorrow

Grade 6 – ELA – Honors – Catching Fire essay due tomorrow

Grade 8 – Science – finish review – Ch 10 test Friday


H.W. February 10, 2016

1. Math– page 65.

2. Science– pages 187 and 189.

*Pizza Money- Thursday

*Dress Down Day- $2.00

*Hot Dog Money- Friday

Homework the Week Ending February 12, 2016

Monday –      Please have your child write the letter Q;q and the number 17 in his/her homework notebook. Please have your child use a pencil to write with. Please give your child guidance when completing his/her homework.

Tuesday –       Dress Down Day; if you choose to have your child dress down please bring in $2.00.

Friday -Red/Pink Day; all of the children may wear red, or pink in celebration of Valentine’s Day on February 14th.  It will be a free dress down day!


  • If your child would like a “Pretzel” please bring in 50 cents no later than Friday so they can get a pretzel by Monday.
  • “Pizza” day is on Friday; please bring in $2.00 in by Thursday the latest if you would like your child to have pizza.

February 15th, Winter Recess begins. Enjoy your time off!!

See you all back at school on February 22nd, 2016

Student of the Week goes to Nicolette Falce. Congratulations Nicolette!!

Thank you :)


Have a blessed week!

Ms. Prestia



Grade 5 – ELA – Honors – GW pgs 134 & 135, Vocab define 1-10.

Grade 5 – Social Studies – On a sheet of construction paper or computer paper, make a protest sign to King George showing your disapproval of the new taxes in the colonies.

Grade 6 – ELA – Honors –  Vocab define 1-10. Essay due Thursday.

Grade 8 – Science – test moved to Friday



H.W. February 8, 2016

1. Reading– 3xeach. Superkids pages 19-20.

2. Math– page 62.

3. Religion– Write about what you will do during Lent. (On White Paper Provided)

*Class Trip Tomorrow – Wear your Gym Uniform

*Math Quiz- Thursday- Subtraction with Regrouping

*Spelling Test and Science Test- Friday

Spelling Words: machine, magazine, tangerine, submarine, money, honey, monkey, please, breeze, freeze, squeeze, sneeze

Student of the Week: Violet Chrostowski

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Math Homework (02/08-02/12)

7th R
Monday: Packet # 10
Tuesday: Workbook, page 172-173
Wednesday: Workbook, page 174-175
Thursday: Workbook, page 176-177
Friday: No homework
7th H
Monday: Packet #10
Tuesday: Workbook, page 145-146
Wednesday: Workbook, page 147-148
Thursday: Workbook, page 149-150
Friday: No homework

Math Homework (02/08-02/12)

6th R
Monday: Workbook, page 87
Tuesday: Chapter7 Test
Wednesday: Workbook, page 88
Thursday: Workbook, page 91
Packet #7 (Due Date -Tuesday after Mid-Winter Recess)
Friday: No homework
6th H
Monday: Workbook, page 168-169 (Due Date-Wednesday)
Tuesday: Chapter 5B Test
Wednesday: Workbook, page 170-171
Thursday: workbook, page 172-173
Packet #7 (Due Date -Tuesday after Mid-Winter Recess)
Friday: No homework

Homework for Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday-Spelling-Homework Book: Write the words can, fan, man, ran and pan three times each. Say and Spell the words. Spelling Test on Friday. Math Worksheet- Add. Gym