February 25, 2017


Our bake sale was a huge success! Thank you, everyone, for participating and making it possible.

Gr 5 & 6 – ELA – Honors – Spelling/Vocab test; read the next 3 chapters in the novel.

Gr 5 – Social Studies – bring all supplies to work on your Social Studies Fair board.


H.W. February 16, 2017

  1. Math- page 62.

*Study for Tests


Math Homework (02/09-02/17)

7th R
Thursday: Study for the test.
Friday: no homework
7th H
Thursday: Workbook, page 175, Q:8-16


H.W. February 15, 2017

*Pizza Money

*Study for Math Quiz and L.A. Quiz on Friday



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H.W. February 14, 2017

  1. Math- page 63. Do # 1-15.
  2. Religion- page 149. Also on white paper provided, write about what special things you can do during Lent.

*Cupcake Sale

*Math Quiz- Friday- Subtraction with Regrouping

*L.A. Quiz- Friday- Synonyms, Antonyms, Homophones


Grade 5 ELA – Honors – Vocab – define 11-20, read the next 2 chapters in Running Out of Time.

Grade 6 – ELA – Honors – Vocab – Sentences 1-10

Our 5th Grade Cupcake Sale is tomorrow!

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Homework 2/13

7th Grade English and Honors:

Read Chapter 6 of My Brother Sam is Dead for Wednesday

Greek and Latin Roots Quiz on Wednesday

Quiz on Gerunds and Gerund Phrases on Thursday

Quiz on My Brother Sam is Dead Chapters 1-6 on Friday


7th Grade Social Studies:

Bring in Full Sized Trifold Board for Social Studies Project for Thursday. (One board per pair)


8th Grade English and Honors:

Greek and Latin Roots Quiz on Wednesday

Vocabulary Unit 4 Quiz on Thursday


8th Grade Social Studies:

Chapter 7 Lesson 1 and 2 Quiz on Friday


H.W. February 13, 2017

  1. Reading- Superkids page 14.
  2. Math- page 60.

*Science and Spelling Tests

*Red/White/Pink Day- Free Dress Down

*Baked Ziti Money due tomorrow

Math Homework (02/13-02/17)

6th R
Thursday: Workbook, page 97 and question 23 and 24, page 96
Friday: No homework
6th H
Thursday: Study for the test
Friday: No homework

Web site Test

No info, only testing.