May 26, 2016


H.W. May 25, 2016

1. Reading– Superkids page 93.

2. Math– pages 142-143.

*Pizza Money

*Special Dress Down Day- $2.00


H.W. May 24, 2016

*Planting by School- Wear Gym Uniform

*Cupcake Sale

*T Shirt Size- Small/Medium/Large


Homework the Week Ending May 27,2016

Monday –  Please have your child complete the two worksheets that are attached in their homework notebook. Your child should use a pencil to complete their homework with. Please give your child guidance when completing his/her homework.

  • If your child would like a “Pretzel” please bring in 50 cents no later than Friday so they can get a pretzel by Monday.
  • “Pizza” day is on Friday; please bring in $2.00 in by Thursday the latest if you would like your child to have pizza.

Tuesday –      Dress Down Day! If choose to have your child dress down, please pay the $2.00. Thank you!

Wednesday – Cupcake sale day! If your child would like to purchase a cupcake please have them bring in money.

Thursday –     It is a special $2.00 “Dress Down Day” to raise funds for Girl Scout shipping of books to Africa.


Monday – Memorial Day May 3oth! School is closed.

  • Spring Show Information – Please have your child wear a brown color tee shirt. The boys may wear jeans and the girls may wear leggings.

Student of the week goes to Ayden Pawelczak. Congratulations Ayden! :)

Thank you


Have a blessed week!

Ms. Prestia


H.W. May 23, 2016

1. Reading– Superkids pages 92 and 96.

2. Math– Find 2 items for each length and write it in your Star Book: 2 inches, 7 inches, 12 inches.

3. S.S.- Worksheet.

*Dress Down Day- $2.00

Spelling Words: butter, squirrel, nurse, pearl, picture, temperature, Thursday, purple, birthday, creature, pitcher, world.

Student of the Week: Mara Gonzalez

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H.W. May 19, 2016

1. Math– page 117.

2. L.A.- Grammar Book pages 113-114.

*Pretzel Money

*Math Quiz- Regrouping


H.W. May 18, 2016

1. Reading– 5 sentences. Superkids page 89.

2. Math– pages 208 and 210.

3. L.A.- Write about “My Summer Vacation” on the sunglasses provided. Color and decorate.

*Math Quiz- Friday- Regrouping

*Pizza Money


ELA – Grade 5 – Honors – Vocabulary 1-10 definitions, GW pgs 217, 218, & 219, Read chapters 2 & 3

Grade 5 – Science – wb pgs 52 & 53

ELA – Grade 6 – Honors – Vocabulary 1-10 definitions, Gr, ex B & C, read chapter 7 & 8


Math Homework (05/17-05/20)

7th R
Tuesday: NYP, page 296
Wednesday: NYP, page 297
Thursday: NYP, pages:302-303
Friday: NYP, pages:312-313
7th H
Tuesday: NYP, pages 248-249
Wednesday: NYP: 256-257
Thursday: NYP, pages 265-266
Friday: NYP, pages 273-274

Math Homework (05/17-05/20)

6th R
Tuesday: NYP , pages: 296-297
Wednesday: NYP, pages 298-299
Thursday: NYP, pages: 305-306
Friday: No homework
Tuesday: Workbook, pages: 287-288
Wednesday: NYP pages: 225-226
Thursday: Workbook, pages: 315-316
Friday: NYP, pages 290-291 (Due Date -Tuesday)


H.W. May 17, 2016

1. Reading– 3x each. Superkids page 86.

2. Math– page 112. Do #1-15 ONLY.

3. Phonics– pages 181-182.

Spelling Words: tornado, morning, explore, important, forest, hurricane, planning, missing, parade, Saturday, rooftop, website.

Student of the Week: Paula Kowalczyk

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