January 18, 2017


H.W. January 17, 2017

1. Reading– Superkids page 109.

2. Math– page 49.

3. L.A.- Worksheet.

*Cupcake Sale

*L.A. Quiz- Friday- Adjectives and Using A and An correctly

*S.S. Test- Friday- Unit 3(Study Sheet)

Student of the Week: Michael Caruso

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H.W. January 12, 2017

1. Math– Finish Worksheet.


*Spelling Test

*Math Quiz- Regrouping

Enjoy your 3 day weekend! See you on Tuesday!!

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H.W. January 11, 2017

1. Reading– ABC Order.

2. Math– page 48.

3. Phonics– pages 67-68.

*Pizza Money

*Book Order due Thursday


H.W. January 10, 2017

1. Reading– 5 sentences. Superkids page 106.

2. Math– page 47.

3. S.S.- page 24.

*Dress Down Day-$2.00

*Spelling Test- Friday

*Math Quiz- Friday- Regrouping


H.W. January 9, 2017

1. Reading– 3x each. Superkids pages 102-103.

2. Math– page 46.

3. L.A.- Worksheet.

*Religion Test- Thursday- Chapter 7 (Study Sheet)

Spelling Words: teapot, cupcake, sunglasses, mailbox, raincoat, paintbrush, old, cold, most, child, wild, kind

Student of the Week: Mia Jananis

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H.W. January 5, 2017

1. Math– page 45.

2. L.A.- Write snowman story on blue paper provided.

*Hot Dog and Pretzel Money


*Spelling Test

*Science Fair Supplies due tomorrow


H.W. January 4, 2017

1. Reading– 5 sentences. Superkids page 100.

2. Math– page 44.

3. L.A.- Finish story on index card: If I lived in a snowglobe, I…..

*Pizza Money

*11:30 Dismissal


H.W. January 3, 2017

1. Reading– 3x each. Superkids pages 96-97.

2. Math– page 43.

*Spelling Test- Friday

Spelling Words: sight, bright, night, tight, right, sigh, winter, snowman, snowflake, mittens, blizzard, scarf


H.W. December 21, 2016

*Science Test- Chapter 3- Study Sheet

*Red/Green Day

*Christmas Cards should be in for the Christmas Party

*Return Test Folder

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!! I hope you enjoy your time off with your family.  See you on January 3!!

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H.W. December 19, 2016

*Christmas Ugly Sweater Day Dress Down

*Helping Hands Envelope

*Religion Test- Chapter 6- Study Sheet

Student of the Week: Caitlen Tardalo

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