February 11, 2016

Class List of Names

Here are the names of all the children in Grade 3:

Anna                                 Jan

Gabriella (Gabby)           Zachary (Zac)

Angelina                           Maximus (Max)

Aleksandra (Ola)            Scott

Emilia  (Emmy)             Nikodem (Niko)

Maggie                            Ryan

Susan (Zuzia)                Gabriel (Gabe)

Julia                                 Jack


Here’s the Homework for Wednesday, February 10, 2016:

Let’s work hard this week before our winter recess next week! Continue to read daily and record books on your reading log. Continue to practice the Act of Contrition and formula for Confession. On Feb. 24th we will practice for Penance with the CCD children.

1. Math- wkbk. page 129

2. Vocab. – No writing tonight! Study spelling of words!

3.  S.S.- review notes on the state you are doing and its region from your notebook and workbook. You will be able to use that info. to complete the sheet about regions for the quiz.

4. Sci.-   Sheet about apple experiment and chart are due.

5. Return Test Folders, pizza orders and hot dog orders too!

6. Reading – read for 30 minutes. Work on filling in reading log.

7. News Challenge –  Great job to:  Zuzia, Jack, Gabby and Zachary for presenting. On Feb. 23rd we will have: Anna, Julia, Angelina and Maggie.

8. Children were given an important letter regarding Penance and Communion. Please read carefully. Kindly send in fee ( check made to school or cash) by March 18th. Please have children bring the fee to me in the class so no confusion with the office and I can keep track.

9. Please see letter about Supermarket Bingo  and the Yearbook.

10. Thursday will be Games R Us Club!

Have a nice night!

This Week:

Thurs.- S.S. Quiz on regions (you will be able to use your notebook to write about the state and region you looked up in computer).

Fri.- vocab. and math quizzes


Happy Birthday to Ryan on the 6th and Maggie on the 7th of February!

Congratulations to Gabriel for being our Student of the Week!

Congratulations to Ryan for being our Student of the Month!


Coming Up:

Next Week we are off for Winter Recess! Children should read daily, study their multiplication tables (when we return we will be having a math bee in class, then two winners will represent our class in a school math bee with grades 4 and 5). Children should return on Monday, Feb. 22nd with the rough copy of their artwork for Art Class. They will redraw it for the Art Contest!

We are working on our Social Studies Fair Projects! The Social Studies Fair is March 1st. We have been working on the project in class.  They are coming out very nice!

March 3rd is Penance! We are practicing the Act of Contrition and making books to show the Ten Commandments!

Thank you for your help and cooperation as we prepare for  many exciting events!

Mrs. Petrizzo

Third Grade Visits MET for Ancient Egypt Tour

St. Stans Third Graders brought their classroom learning to life by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Thursday for a gallery tour of the museum’s Egyptian section including the Temple of Dendur and the special exhibit “Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom.” Two bonuses: the students saw the MET’s annual Christmas display which includes an eighteenth-century Neapolitan Nativity scene and they also got to throw coins into the new dancing water fountains up front of the MET!


20151210_130239  DSC_1050DSC_1042  20151210_125202DSC_1028 DSC_1067

Special Subjects

Here are the special subjects for children in grade 3:

Mondays    –  Gym and Art

Tuesdays    –  Spanish

Wednesday- Music

Thursdays   –  Computer 


Please read the student handbook regarding proper gym uniform for gym day.

Math Websites

Here is a list of some websites that are instructional and fun for learning math and practicing number facts.

                                                                     Have fun exploring these sites!