August 30, 2016

3rd Grade Summer Math

3rd Grade Summer Reading

3rd Grade Supply List

Class List of Names

Here are the names of all the children in Grade 3:

Anna                                 Jan

Gabriella (Gabby)           Zachary (Zac)

Angelina                           Maximus (Max)

Aleksandra (Ola)            Scott

Emilia  (Emmy)             Nikodem (Niko)

Maggie                            Ryan

Susan (Zuzia)                Gabriel (Gabe)

Julia                                 Jack


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Have a great summer vacation! Be safe!

1.  Reading- Continue to read daily!

2. Please see the uniform papers and information given from Mrs. Zito for fourth grade. Check the school website if you have any questions.

Thank you for your help and cooperation all year long! We had a wonderful year! The children learned so much! I hope everyone has a great summer full of fun and relaxation! Enjoy and see you all in September!

Mrs. Petrizzo


Third Grade Visits MET for Ancient Egypt Tour

St. Stans Third Graders brought their classroom learning to life by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Thursday for a gallery tour of the museum’s Egyptian section including the Temple of Dendur and the special exhibit “Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom.” Two bonuses: the students saw the MET’s annual Christmas display which includes an eighteenth-century Neapolitan Nativity scene and they also got to throw coins into the new dancing water fountains up front of the MET!


20151210_130239  DSC_1050DSC_1042  20151210_125202DSC_1028 DSC_1067

Special Subjects

Here are the special subjects for children in grade 3:

Mondays    –  Gym and Art

Tuesdays    –  Spanish

Wednesday- Music

Thursdays   –  Computer 


Please read the student handbook regarding proper gym uniform for gym day.

Math Websites

Here is a list of some websites that are instructional and fun for learning math and practicing number facts.

                                                                     Have fun exploring these sites!