November 24, 2017


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RELIGION FAIR – Tuesday, 11/28, at 7 PM.

Public HS Application – everyone has submitted their application. Now, please review the receipt. If all ok, please just sign it and date it, return it to me, and I will make you a copy. If you want to make changes (add, delete, move), please do so right on the receipt, change, receipt, final ok, copy to you. Questions: please email me.

Required Contest participation: Annual Student Art Contest: KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS DEUTERONOMY CHAPTER 10: VERSES 17-19. Artistically express this theme – no restrictions on size or art medium; art work must be physical form (no video, etc.)  DUE DATE: 8TH GRADE – Extra Credit 11/28 otherwise  by 12/11.

Tuesday, 11/21:Prayer Service tomorrow – please bring in your canned soups.  Dismissal immediately after service.

No homework in Religion for 7th & 8th. No 8th grade math homework.


5: Test on all division: Tuesday, 11/21 (Part 1) with Part 2 the Tuesday after Thanksgiving

5H: Test next Tuesday,11/21 – all division (Part 1) with Part 2 the Tuesday after Thanksgiving