October 4, 2015

Support the Education Tax Credit – Here’s How

The Education Tax Credit (ETC) legislation in Albany is languishing. Together we can get our legislators to listen to parents like us who pay taxes for public schools but want a Catholic education for our children and choose to pay tuition to make that happen. We deserve the ETC to level the playing field.

Help us make it happen this legislative session! Log onto www.investined.org and get in touch with your local representatives. It’s easy – the form is on the site and your reps will know how important this issue is to the future of Catholic education.


Celebrate Oktoberfest & Support St. Stans!

Tickets are available online at eventbrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/oktoberfest-with-st-stans-and-brooklyn-brewery-tickets-18687653274


purchase in school and be put on the guest list. Get them now before they run out!!! This is the event of the fall season!

OktoberFest Poster

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September 2015 Letter to Parents


September 16, 2015

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the start of a new school year at St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy! I hope that you and your family were able to enjoy a wonderful summer break and that everyone is now energized for an exciting new year.

In this first of my monthly update letters, I need to inform you that our school website is still experiencing a few issues. Our new teachers’ school emails have not been able to be set up yet and, as a result, if you have tried to email them, your messages may not have been getting through. Therefore, until this issue is resolved, should you need to contact a teacher, kindly send in a note with your child. Also, a few of our veteran teachers have had parents report a problem with emails being bounced back. This situation is frustrating for us all and I ask for your patience. A reminder, as well, that teachers cannot check their email during class time so if you send an email during the school day they may not be able to respond until after the students leave for the day.

It was so nice to see many of you at our parish picnic this past Sunday. A reminder for those parents who purchased tickets last spring for the Mets/Yankees game fundraiser that it is this Saturday, September 19th. On Monday, September 21st, at 7:00 pm, I look forward to seeing you at our annual Parent Orientation meeting for parents of students in grades 1 through 8. On Friday, September 25th, representatives from the NYC Department of Health will be visiting our school to conduct a vision screening of students in grades 1 through 7.

Tuesday, September 22nd, at 7:00 pm, there will be an important meeting for parents who are interested in assisting with the first major dinner/dance fundraiser, the Andrzejki Dance. These dinner/dances are the most profitable fundraisers that we currently have at SSKCA. They help bridge the gap between the actual cost of educating each student (approximately $8,000.00) and what parents actually pay in tuition. It is our desire to keep tuition as low as possible but we won’t be able to do so without everyone’s cooperation.

Wednesday, September 23rd, will be our first Cupcake Sale fundraiser of the year. The 7th graders have the honor of hosting this first sale. Every month a different class is chosen as the host. Students in that class then bring in cupcakes or other baked goods on the day of the sale that they then sell to interested students during lunch/recess time. This fundraiser was suggested by the students and they have turned it into a competition to see which grade can raise the most money. I believe we have quite a few future entrepreneurs among our students!

Our first Pizza Friday will be this week. Parents who would like their child to have pizza for lunch are asked to send in the $2.00 per slice fee no later than Thursday mornings. Anyone desiring to prepay may only do so for 11 weeks at a time since each cycle lasts that long. Any money sent in always needs to be in an envelope labeled with the child’s name, grade, amount enclosed and what it is for. We will not be able to have the monthly Subway sandwich day this year since the Greenpoint Subway location has closed and we are unable to find another one willing to deliver. At my monthly student advisors meeting today, a suggestion was made by the students to have a monthly hot dog day. I explained that I do not have a problem with that, however, we would need to have a few mothers volunteer to prepare those hot dogs. If anyone is willing and able to help us out with that request, I know our students would be very grateful.

A letter explaining the various other fundraisers planned for this year, along with those for which parental volunteer assistance will be needed, should be going home before the end of the month. We ask that parents continue to collect Box Tops from the packages of numerous grocery items that you regularly purchase. For every 25 Box Tops that your child brings to school, a Dress Down coupon will be issued. Please check, though, that the Box Top has not expired before sending it in. Dress Down coupons may be used once per week.

The schedule of this year’s after-school clubs is being finalized and will be sent home next week. We are also in need of at least 2 mothers who would be willing to run our Little Blessings program. Little Blessings meets on Wednesdays from 9:00 am until 11:00 am. It is for little ones from the crawling stage through the age of almost 3. While the children play and begin to learn how to share and get along, the care givers have an opportunity to socialize as well while they supervise the children. Volunteering for Little Blessings would count towards a parent’s service hours for SSKCA and there is a small tuition credit granted as well. It would be perfect for a stay at home mom who has a little one not yet old enough to start school.

We are all excited about Pope Francis’ visit to New York next week and pray that his visit will serve as an inspiration to everyone to follow the example that he sets for us, especially his love for all and genuine humility. We pray for his safety and the success of his visit.

As the season of autumn quickly approaches, may the promise of cooler temperatures invigorate us as we embark on this journey of a new school year.


Mrs. C













SSKCA Uniform Policy

SSKCA uniforms need to be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara.  Their closest location is 8000 Cooper Ave., Glendale, NY 11385.  Uniforms may also be ordered by phone, 718-326-2704, or online at www.flynnohara.com.  Be sure to mention our school — St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy in Greenpoint,  Brooklyn — they will know exactly what our uniform consists of.
Please do not purchase uniforms from other vendors as they are not the same.  The color shades are different as are the shirt/blouse collars and often even the number of pockets on the pants. These are all noticeable differences.

For the PK-3 and PK-4 students, the gym uniform is their everyday uniform. Their sneakers should be white or a dark color without any flashing lights, which can be distracting to other students.

For the other grades, when purchasing shoes, please remember that they need to be black with either laces or a strap to hold the shoe securely on the foot.  No slip-on shoes are permitted for safety reasons.  The shoes should also have a flexible, rubber sole to prevent slips and falls.

Thank you and have a blessed day!
Mrs. C

What You Need To Know For The First Day of School


I hope that you and your family are enjoying the summer break.

Since we are already at the mid-point of August, I would like to remind you of some important information pertaining to the first week of school.  The first day of school for grades 1 through 8 is, as always, the Wednesday after Labor Day.  This year it falls on September 9th.  Students have half-days that week with dismissal at 11:30 am for grades 1 and 2 and 11:45 am for everyone else.  They are expected to be in full school uniform that week as well as have their summer assignments and teacher requested supplies.

Students in the PK and K classes have a parent/student orientation on the next day, Thursday, September 10th, at 9:30 am.  Everyone meets in the auditorium and after my welcome and teacher/aide introductions, the teachers will escort the students and parents in their class up to the classroom for the orientation. The students then have their first day of class on the following Monday, September 14th.  That Monday and Tuesday, their dismissal is at 11:00 am.  The rest of that week they are dismissed at 1:00 pm.  They start full days on Monday, September 21st. when their dismissal will be 2:00 pm daily.  After school will begin on Monday, September 14th.  Further information regarding after school will be given to parents at orientation.

For future reference, this is the policy for the beginning of school every year at SSKCA.  The only difference would be the actual dates since they are determined by the date of Labor Day each year.  Also. please check the calendar link on our website regularly since important dates are listed there as well.

Enjoy the remaining days of our summer vacation and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Warm regards,
Mrs. C

St. Stans New Lab in Progress

While SSKCA students and families have been enjoying their summer – and working on their summer assignments! – we’ve also been hard at work here at 12 Newel Street transforming our science lab into a next generation facility for experiments and innovation. Here are some before and after pictures that give you a sense of the scale of change. And there is more to come as SSKCA becomes the premier STEM school in the neighborhood! Help us spread the word!


sciencelabbefore2sciencelabbefore                  AND AFTER


Summer Assignments & Supply Lists Found in Class Dropdown Menu

Can’t find your child’s summer assignments?  We’ve uploaded them onto our website for your convenience.  

If you check the last column to the right, under the listed School Hours, click on your child’s September class in the Classes and Clubs area.  This will bring you to a posting that contains one or more PDF files that you can download.

Have a blessed, and hopefully, restful summer!

Grade 8 Summer Public High School Events

Summer High School Events

SSKCA Bids Farewell to Eighth Graders

The hugs and tears have begun today…


June 2015 Letter to Parents


Dear Parents,

Both students and staff are amazed that there are just 2 weeks left of school before summer vacation! The year has truly flown by and everyone is looking forward to some much needed rest and relaxation after a very busy year.

There were a variety of activities that took place at SSKCA during the month of May. The Grades 3 & 4 Spelling Bee was held. The winners were: Alexandra Czartoryjski (first place), Victoria Gluszczyszyn (second place) and Romulus Czernisz (third place). Grades 1 & 2 held their Math Bee and the winners were: Anna Kalishman (first place), Jan Czartoryjski (second place) and Angelina Podkalicki (third place). Congratulations to these fine spellers and mathematicians!

The results of our fundraisers this past month are:

Drama Club’s High School Musical                       $ 2,580.00

SSKCA Spring Show                                                 $ 4,098.00

8th Grade Cupcake Sale                                            $303.00

The May Tuition Raffle drawings were held and the winners were:

Mara Gonzalez                       Grade 1

Gabriel Mirek                         Grade PK-3

Emma Rewekant                     Grade 7

Colum Cocks                          Grade PK-4

Brianna Pena                           Grade 7

Max Fedorowicz                     Grade 4

Congratulations to the winners!

There is still time to buy raffle tickets for the big raffle of the year, with a first prize of $5,000.00! The drawing will be held during Family Fun Day. Any family that still has tickets that they have not turned in yet, kindly do so by this Thursday, June 11th.

The last Cupcake Sale of this school year is scheduled for this Wednesday, June 10th. The 5th graders will be the hosts.

Family Fun Day will take place on Sunday, June 14th, from noon until 5:00 pm.  Volunteer sign up sheets are on the table outside of the school office for any parent still in need of  volunteer hours. Any moms who would be able to donate baked goods for the event can drop  them off at the auditorium on Sunday morning starting at 9:00 am. We would truly appreciate your help.

Kindly remember that the school uniform policy is still in effect until the end of school. Unless a student has a N.U.T. card, the full uniform is expected to be worn, either the regular version or the summer uniform. For girls, the summer uniform is the navy blue skort, (not just any skirt), from the uniform store. The girls’ summer polo is white, not blue. For safety reasons, school shoes must have either laces or a strap to hold the shoe firmly on the foot as well as a flexible rubber sole.

On Friday, June 12th, Assemblyman Joseph Lentol and DOT Commissioner Bray will be visiting our school at 11:00 am for a meeting regarding our request for a Stop sign on the corner of Driggs Ave. and Newel St. and a speed bump on Driggs Ave. We have made these requests in an effort to ensure the safety of our students as they cross that busy intersection. The rally originally scheduled for 3:00 pm that day had to be canceled due to the change in time. If you have not yet signed the petition for these traffic safety measures, kindly do so by Friday morning. Copies are outside of the secretary’s office.

Next week, students will have half days of school on Wednesday, June 17th and Thursday, June 18th. Our ending of the school year Mass will be on June 18th at 9:00 am and parents are always  invited to join us for these special Masses. On Friday, June 19th, students will be dismissed after the awards ceremony that will begin at 9:00 am.

We are in need of three moms to alternate running our Little Blessings Program next year on Wednesdays from 9:00 am until 11:00 am. If you are interested, please call the office or send me an email.

Best wishes for a wonderful, blessed summer! I hope you and your family will have a safe and enjoyable vacation. See you in September!


Mrs. C