October 26, 2016

REACH Math Honors for St. Stans Student

Seventh grade honors student, Alec Chmarzewski, received top recognition in this summer’s REACH program at Regis High School.
REACH is a three-year academic program for talented middle school boys that helps them achieve their goals of attending a Jesuit high school such as Regis or Xavier. The program summer requirement is two-fold: three weeks for three consecutive summers at the University of Scranton followed by three weeks of academic study at Regis High School. The summer sessions continue on for ten Saturdays in the fall as well as well as ten Saturdays in the spring. Participants are truly dedicated.
“As a math teacher, I am so proud of Alec, because this year he received the Math Award for his outstanding achievement in this subject area in his second summer of the REACH Program,” Bozena Konkiel.

Principal’s Update: October 2016

120 yearspl

October 3, 2016

Dear Parents,

Our first month of school is already over and the start of autumn is bringing a welcome change in temperatures. SSKCA is once again a very busy place!

The brand new Media Center was finally completed last week and students were able to use it for the first time last Monday. Students commented favorably about the bright colors in the room and the new furniture and computers. Please check out our website and Facebook page regularly for photos, such as of the Media Center, and updates about events at SSKCA.

On Thursday, October 6th, we will be participating in Denim Day as we do every year at this time. Students who wish to join us will be able to dress down in jeans and something pink for a donation of $5.00. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All the money we raise will be sent to the Lee Jeans Corp., the sponsors of Denim Day, for use in breast cancer research so that hopefully, in the very near future, doctors will be able to discover a cure for that horrible disease. By our involvement in such fundraisers, we are trying to teach our students what Jesus taught, to care for others.

There will be an important meeting for parents of 8th graders on Wednesday, October 5th, at 7:00 pm regarding the current high school application process. Parents of students in the 7th grade are invited as well so that you may receive valuable information in preparation for next year.

We hope to see you at our annual Blessing of the Animals on Tuesday, Oct. 4th, at 7:00 pm in the auditorium. In honor of the Feast of St. Francis, who had a special bond with animals, we invite our students to bring their pets for a special blessing by the priest. Also, our 2nd Oktoberfest will be held on Thursday, October 6th. Those who attended last year had a great time so we hope many of you will come and bring your friends for an enjoyable evening.

Our first Cupcake Sale of the year, hosted by our second graders, raised $272.00. This month’s sale will be on Wednesday, Oct. 19th, and will be hosted by the grade 3.

After school clubs have begun. Kindly remember to send a note if your child registered for a club but cannot attend on a particular day. Otherwise, Hania will need to call to confirm that you are aware your child did not stay for their club session. More than 3 absences from club meetings will result in your child no longer being able to remain a member since club membership is a commitment for the year. Those students who only attend sporadically will lose their spot to another student.

On Monday, November 14th, grades K-8 will have no school so that their teachers may attend a professional day training. The PK-3 and UPK students will have school.

Best wishes for a wonderful fall season!

Sincerely, Mrs. C



St. Stans Launches New Student Media Center

On the heels of St. Stans successful STEM lab completion last summer, the Academy continues to invest in new technologies to advance student curriculum and educational opportunities. With a grant to create and develop and 21st Century Media Center, St. Stans staff began the process of remodeling the old computer room and creating a working library once more. Over two dozen new computers, a new smartboard and new student workspaces will allow students to research, write and learn code with our venture with Pixel Academy. Watch this space for the officially groundbreaking ceremony!


St. Stans Students Take Flight at NASA Camp


Three of our students were once again chosen to receive a scholarship to attend NASA’s Space Camp for a week this summer. We have been so blessed to have the legal team at Fish and Richardson sponsoring our students for several years now. This past summer, Angelina L. (Gr.7), Catherine D. (Gr.8), and Maximus C. (Gr.8), spent a week in Huntsville, Alabama. There, they had the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience full of fun activities, and got to graduate and be congratulated by a retired astronaut. Here’s a brief description of their week in their own words.


Angelina L. (Grade 7)

Space Camp was an experience I’ll never forget. When we landed in Alabama, I was very excited, but also very nervous about Space Camp. When we arrived on campus, we went to the ‘habitats’ (bunks) and got to see our rooms. My group was called Ganymede, named after the largest moon of Jupiter. I met so many interesting people in my group who were from so many different places. There were kids from Australia, Europe, China, Japan, as well as from all over the United States. We went on many simulators, such as the G Force and the 1/6 Gravity Chair. We also performed fun missions on rockets and got to wear astronaut suits. We created a model of our own ‘lunar base’ and presented it to other groups. Lastly, we built our own rockets and even launched them! I will never forget all the people that I met and all the fun experiences that I had on this amazing trip!

Catherine D. (Grade 8)

This summer was definitely one to remember for me. Although I had fun doing some common summer activities, I also had a great time at Space Camp. Space Camp is located in Huntsville, Alabama, and has so many things to offer. Every day, we had a different task with our groups. I was in the group called Callisto, after Jupiter’s second largest moon. One day, we did a two hour virtual space mission. The next, we suited up and fixed a space craft. I learned about all the qualifications needed to become an astronaut, all the work and money invested into making space crafts, and I even got to meet a real astronaut! This astronaut attended Space Camp when she was thirteen years old and has loved space ever since. I not only learned about space, but I met wonderful people and made some great friends. Space Camp is the perfect place for aspiring astronauts and I strongly advise you to look into attending there.

Maximus C. (Grade 8)        

This July, in the summer of 2016, I went to Space Camp. It was fun and exhilarating. It was a fun camp connected to helping us learn about space and its history and evolution. I had a great time and made many new friends from all around the world! Space Camp inspired me to enjoy learning about space and believing more in space exploration. It was thrilling and I look forward to the possibility of going again in the future. Space Camp helped me to learn to respect others even in competition. This journey has inspired me to teach others about the wonders of space and science. I learned so much that it felt like it wasn’t just educational, but an amazing experience! I learned the very important lesson of team work. Everyone had to work together as a team on missions. I was in team Europa. We had to work as one. Space Camp taught me many lessons that can be game changers if everyone was taught them like that. But, even more than just being educational, it was FUN!




Principal’s Update: September 2016

120 years


September 12, 2016

 Dear Parents,

 Welcome back for a new school year that promises to be an exciting journey of learning! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful summer, despite the miserable heat, and are now relaxed and refreshed as we begin this new year.

 During the summer, SSKCA was a very busy place. Fr. Marek had a contractor work on the exterior of the building giving it a facelift that is a noticeable improvement. Inside the building, there were major projects happening on every floor. Electricians upgraded the wiring on the top floor so that air conditioners could be installed. The students and teachers using those classrooms returned to an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Two library specialists were hired to weed through all the books in our school library. Those that were deemed worth keeping were then transported by a moving company, along with the bookcases, to our former computer lab. The lab itself was renovated to create a media center which now has the library books as well as new computer tables and state of the art all in one computers.

On the second floor, in preparation for our first UPK classes, those two classrooms had bathrooms installed as required by the Department of Education. Those bathrooms have become the talk of the school since the toilets and sinks are so small that they look as though they belong in a child’s playhouse!

 We have a few new teachers joining our SSKCA family this year. Please join me in welcoming them:

            Ms. Fabiola St. Jean                        PK-3B

            Mr. William Frenzel                        Gr. 7

            Mr. Daniel Molloy                        Gym

            Mrs. Katherine Owen                        Spanish

            Ms. Gabrielle Mangano            Art

 Our school nurse informed me that the Health Department has enacted a few changes in their requirements for school children. As of September 1, 2016, no classroom can be made peanut or anything else free unless parents submit to the nurse a Form 504 completed by their child’s doctor. In addition, students are not permitted to bring to school asthma pumps, epi pens or any other medication without a Form 504 on file with the nurse. Teachers are not permitted to administer any kind of medication to students, including antibiotics. If a child has been prescribed medication, either the parent or parent representative must come to school to administer the medication or the parent must bring it to the school nurse in the morning along with instructions from the doctor. Parents are also asked to send in a note from the doctor any time their child receives an additional immunization so we can update our records.

If you have not already done so, kindly submit to your child’s teacher as soon as possible the Emergency and Illness Information Card as well as the Handbook Compliance Form, Acceptable Use Policy for Computers and Consent to Photograph, Film or Videotape a Minor. It is important to read the handbook with your child so that everyone is aware of school policies. I apologize that this year’s dress down days were not listed on the school calendar but at the time that we needed to submit it to the printer, we did not yet know what days of the week our students would be having gym this year. Our first Cupcake Sale of the year will be hosted by the 2nd graders on September 28th. For new families to our school, every month a different grade hosts a cupcake sale school fundraiser. Parents of students in the hosting grade bring cupcakes to the auditorium, which are then sold by the hosting students and their teacher during lunch.

We would appreciate parents sharing with us their email addresses so the teachers and I will be able to send email blast notices to all parents regarding class or school information. If you have not already provided us with your email, kindly let your child’s teacher or the office know so you may be added to the groups.

I look forward to seeing you at our Meet the Teacher Parents’ Orientation meeting on Monday, September 19th, at 7:00 pm as well as the first HAA (Home/Academy Association) meeting of the year on September 29th at 7:00 pm. In the meantime, enjoy the fall like weather that is being predicted and have a great weekend!


Mrs. C







Tickets on Sale for SSKCA Oktoberfest Celebration at Brooklyn Brewery

Purchase tickets on Evenbrite or fill out the Oktoberfest flier and drop money at school.



Sign Up for SSKCA’s Amazing After School Program


St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy

After School Program 2016 – 2017 School Year

St. Stans is now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 After School program. After School is available every school day from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.

*Program begins Monday, September 12th and runs Mondays – Fridays*

If any After School student signs for an aftershool club, they would move to the After School program at the conclusion of their club activity. Should a student be attending a class at one of the local special interest schools, such as dance or karate, the student would join the others in After School once the student returns to SSKCA from the special class. On days that we have early dismissal due to faculty meetings, the After School program will be in session.

Staff:                                    Mrs. Edyta Kadzielawski

Time:                                     Dismissal – 6:00pm

Eligibility:                        Any student in PK-3 – Grade 5 (Gr. 6 -8) negotiable

Registration Fee:            $25 per family, per school year

PER DIEM RATES: Daily Fees must be received on the first day of the week or on the day of attendance. In the event of any emergency, payment must be made at the time you pick up your child/children.

TIME                                                ONE CHILD                                    EACH ADDITIONAL CHILD

2:00pm to 3:00pm                           $10                                                         $10

2:00pm to 5:00/6:00pm               $30                                                         $15

3:00pm to 4:00pm                           $10                                                         $10

3:00pm to 5:00/6:00pm               $25                                                         $15

Noon to 6:00pm                           $40                                                         $25

WEEEKLY RATES: Weekly Fees must be received on the first day of the week.

ONE CHILD                                    $120

TWO CHILDREN                        $180           

MONTHLY RATES: The monthly flat rate is due the first of each month and no refunds can be given for days missed. The rate includes the half-day early dismissal days.

One Child, starting at 2:00pm                        $320

One Child, starting at 3:00pm                        $250

Two Children, starting at 2:00pm            $480

Two Children, starting at 3:00pm            $400

LATE FEES: $10 per child per 15 minutes that you are late picking up your child.

Activities: The program will include snack time, homework time, free time (inside or outside,) games, crafts and movies.

Extra Options: Besides our regular extended day, parents can avail themselves of a variety of options, such as Hamilton Dance, located across from school at 11 Newel St., 718-349-1617. Arrangements, including payment, are separate from SSKCA and are to be made directly with Hamilton Dance.

Also, we are very pleased to announce that on September 27, 2016, SSKCA will be continuing, Mad Science and School House Chess to the After School options. Mad Science provides hands-on activities, spectacular demonstrations with different topics, running in 12 week cycles during the year for students from Kindergarten through Grade 4. SchoolHouse Chess will be for Kindergarten through Grade 4. Each one hour workshop/class will take place on Tuesday afternoon (for specific grades.) All pertinent information including payment, dates and times will be provided at the beginning of the school year. Parents will apply to and pay the organization directly.


St. Stans Welcomes New Staff As Offerings Expand


As students and families had a much needed break this summer, St. Stans leaders were hard at work expanding our programming and welcoming new teachers to the St. Stans family. Watch this space for Q&A’s with some of our new teachers and for more information on our UPK program!

A warm St. Stans welcome to:

PK3-B:  Fabiola St. Jean
7th Grade:  William Frenzel

Gym:  Daniel Molloy

Spanish:  Katherine Owen
And congratulations on our UPK program development and our current teachers making the switch:
UPK Coordinator:  Donna Rao-DeLuca
UPK-1 – Jennifer Flugger

UPK-2 – Jennifer Moncino



Calling St. Stans Alums for the SSKCA Alumni Association!


After a successful 1960s alum reunion at St. Stans in 2015, we recognized the need to create a St. Stans Alumni Association to organize all of our wonderful alums and to create a mentor network for our current students. What better time to do it than our 120 year anniversary in 2016?

Please contact us if you would be interested in helping the school in this groundbreaking work!




Students Speak! May 2016

Welcome to Students Speak! A newsletter by students for the St. Stans community!


Click here for the full version: StudentsSpeakVolumeI