February 19, 2018

Tuition Raffle Information

2014 – 2015 Mandatory School Fundraiser

With the arrival of November, it is time for the first mandatory fundraiser of the school year – our tuition raffle. The second mandatory fundraiser will be held in May and will be the same type of tuition raffle. The cost for the raffles is $50.00 per child, per raffle month, and is included in your tuition bill statement. There is one entry for each child who is a student in St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy.

On Thursday, November 13th, three tickets were pulled by kindergarten students. Those winning tickets will entitle the families of those students to a $500.00 tuition credit which will be applied to their current tuition and fees. On Wednesday, November 26th, another three tickets will be pulled for a total of six winners in this first raffle of the year. The process will be repeated in May, 2015 with an end result of 12 winners for the school year amounting to $6,000.00 in total prizes.

Please be advised that the tuition credit prize is not redeemable for cash (except for paid in full graduating 8th grader) and is not transferable to another family. Winning families whose tuition is already paid in full will receive a credit for next year.

Thank you and the best of luck to everyone!