SSKCA Launches Student Council to Promote Civic Engagement

The Student Council has multiple goals. The first and foremost is to create an environment where students feel that they have the ability to affect real change in their school and then give them to the tools to actually make that change happen. Through the Student Council, we want to create an additional opportunity to learn collaboratively, to work cooperatively, think critically, and foster their leadership skills as they listen to and work with their fellow students to make St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy an even better place for growing socially, emotionally, and academically.

To accomplish this, we will have class representatives from grades 4-8. These representatives will listen to the concerns of their classmates and bring those issues to the council to discuss. Among these representatives, we will have several members serve as our executive board and fill several specialized positions: President, Vice President, Public Relations Officer, and Secretary.  These positions have the shared role of representing not just their classes to the student council but also representing the school as a whole to our community. More specifically:

The President will run Student Council meetings. They are in charge of setting the meeting agenda and moderating discussion and votes. Ideally, by the end of the year they should be able to smoothly run council meetings with only minimal input from the council’s director. The President will also be in charge of giving two State of the Academy speeches per year as a way of boosting their public speaking skills while also representing the feelings of the student body to the school as a whole.

The Vice President holds a position very similar to the President. They will be helping to set the agenda for and run meetings along with the President. They will also fulfill the role of the President if they are unable to attend meetings. Additionally, they will also present their own Vice President’s speech to the school once a year.

The Public Relations Officer will be in charge of overseeing the creation of any student made promotional materials and also formally proposing potential School Spirit events. These events will be designed to raise money for the Student Council to use to the school’s benefit. The Public Relations Officer will be in charge of tracking these funds. It is our hope that over time we will be able to grow and split this position into both the Public Relations Officer and a full time Treasurer position.

The Secretary will be in charge of keeping a record of what goes on at Student Council meetings. And, perhaps most importantly, they will be in charge of liaising with the teachers of younger grade students who do not have representatives on the Student Council so that all SSKCA voices are heard.

The students have been working on positions and campaigning over the past month. Elections will be held Monday, November 8th, 2020.