SSKCA Supports North Brooklyn Angels – Help Us Reach our Goal!

Dr. Green has set a goal for SSKCA to receive 120 frozen turkeys from the SSKCA family on Turkey Day.  SSKCA is partnering with North Brooklyn Angels. Read on for more information about how to donate!

Dear Friends in the St. Stan’s community,

Sharing food and addressing food insecurity is one act that has brought many diverse members of our community together. We want to invite you to join us as part of such a timely opportunity again as we approach the Thanksgiving/Holiday season.

Thank you for your past support of the work of the North Brooklyn Angels. None of the new and significantly expanded food distribution effort, which the Angels have achieved in our North Brooklyn community, could have happened without the donations and support from you and others like you.
With your help and the help of over 1,300 volunteers, we have successfully distributed 100,000 meals, 600,000 pounds of groceries/produce, 10,000 diapers, 5,000 socks and more.

As the holidays come closer, and the days grow colder, we will continue working hard to marshal our capacity to bring some joy to less fortunate neighbors. These efforts will start with Neighbors Giving Thanks, a week-long series of food distributions.

1) those who can cook at home will receive turkeys, trimmings and goodies for that special day;
2) those who can’t cook are offered to come to the Brooklyn XPO center to pick up a pre-reserved meal and go safely. For our homebound, isolated seniors, we plan to deliver a special meal, one by one, so they know that we care about them.

We are extremely thrilled that St. Stan’s has offered to assist us this year by sponsoring a Turkey Day, with a goal of receiving 120 frozen turkeys donated by their families, that we will be picking up starting on Friday, 11/20. We are asking that these turkeys be around 10-12 pounds and dropped off frozen, so that we can distribute them according to our needs. If it’s not possible to donate a frozen turkey, we are also accepting desserts (think about something that can be portioned for easy
distribution). However, if you would like to make a monetary donation, that would be great as well, but the intention is to provide a delicious meal to those who may go hungry on Thanksgiving Day.

For those that are interested, our GoFundMe link is:

If you want to help in other ways tell us on social media or email

Our wish for you and yours is a safe and beautiful Thanksgiving, whatever way you end up celebrating. On behalf of the Angels, please know we are so grateful that you have allowed us to blossom to face the pandemic.

In appreciation,
Founders: Neil Sheehan, Fr. John Merz and Executive Director: Felice Kirby