Snow Days & SSKCA Remote Learning Plan

St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy has developed a fully remote learning model for students, staff and parents in the event we have to resort to this method of teaching and learning either on a short-term basis or long-term basis during the course of the 2020-2021 Academic Year as a result of the pandemic. This plan applies for the entire school, including all grades from Pre-K3 through 8th. 

Please review the PDF for specific details about your class

SSKCA Remote Learning Plan – November 2020 – Version 1.0 – Final

Help SSKCA Reach City Officials to Re-Instate Our PreK 4 Contract

The New York City Department of Education is delaying an answer to St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy’s proposal to continue to offer free pre-kindergarten services to families in our North Brooklyn community. Our Academy has had this program in place for the past 6 years and our future viability depends on having it!

Attached please find a letter that can be email to the officials listed below.


Please SSKCA reach our city officials with this important message!

Josh Wallack
Deputy Chancellor, Early Childhood Education & Student Enrollment          NYC Department of Education

Robert Holden
Council Member – District 30

Costa Constantinides
Council Member – District 22

Bill de Blasio

Richard Carranza
New York City Schools Chancellor

Charlette Hamamgian
Senior Executive Director, DCP

Ibrahim Rehawi
Chief Administrator, DCP, Early Childhood Procurement

Terence J. Stevenson
Chief Administrator, DCP, Policy and Public Affair

Angela Edwards
Chief Administrator, DCP, Central Office Procurement

Kerri Nagorski
Director of Procurement Strategy, Division of Early Childhood Education



SSKCA Resumes In-Person Classes January 4th

Dear Parents/Guardians

I would like to first reiterate that at SSKCA we are committed to the safety of our students and staff.  We are monitoring the news about COVID-19 and working with our local health officials to keep our schools safe.  We want to share that we are continuing to take the necessary precautions to prevent the introduction and spread of viruses and other germs, and are cleaning off high-contact areas, such as handrails, towel dispensers, light switches, doorknobs and desks. The status of this situation is extremely fluid, and we are monitoring the progress of this matter thoroughly and consistently. 

We encourage parents and students to continue following the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention promoted safeguards, such as washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds; covering coughs and sneezes and properly disposing of tissues; and avoiding others who are sick and staying home – if ill. Completing daily health checks on Option C before dropping off your child/ren is also mandatory.

We will continue to evaluate our school facilities and health guidelines to ensure the continuity of learning in a healthy and safe school community. It is a monumental task that lacks precedent and challenges our ability to continually adjust and recalibrate to a “New Normal” while grappling with any budgetary shortfalls and economic recovery efforts.

Thanks for your tremendous support and understanding as we venture forward to reinvent our school designs to optimize learning for our students and refocus our professional development to in-person and virtual learning support for our teachers and staff.

Let us continue to work together for the benefit of each child.


Dr. Green

Math Teacher Opening

Math Teacher 


St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is looking for a math teacher to join our growing team. We are committed to teaching in person. Our mission is to enable our students to reach their full potential academically, spiritually and socially in a child-centered, nurturing environment that emphasizes Catholic values, the beauty of diversity and a love of God, others and life-long learning. 


We are looking for an in-person Math teacher for Grades 5-8 with flexibility to teach Religion. The ideal candidate will be able to plan and engage in high-quality rigorous standards-based curricula which promotes a culture of excellence and high performance. The candidate will provide differentiated instruction in all levels of mathematics align with NYS standards. The candidate will facilitate the successful implementation of rigorous standards-based curricula to ensure students master the state standards and meet the academic goals. 

Salary commensurate with experience.


Bachelor’s Degree, math specialty

Teaching experience

References (3)

COVID-19 precautions 

  • Personal protective equipment provided or required 
  • Temperature scg guidelines in place 
  • Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place 

SSKCA Alumni Registration

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SSKCA Debuts Virtual Christmas Show

Thanks to Ms. Bozena and Nicholas Kaponyas for their hard work in putting together the 2020 SSKCA Virtual Christmas Show and thanks to the SSKCA students, teachers and staff who made this show a success. 

Please share far and wide with this link and have a happy 12 days of Christmas!


SSKCA Snow Plan

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With everything else we are currently dealing with, this week before Christmas break, we now have been informed of a pending snowstorm for Wednesday into Thursday morning.

Planning for a snowstorm during a pandemic will be much different, since all schools can switch to remote learning. Although our school building may be closed, “snow days” no longer exist, as SSKCA will move to a remote learning platform. Full-day instructional schedule will still be provided.

Due to the uncertainty of the pending snow forecast. We are taking the necessary precaution to ensure the safety and welfare of all students and staff. As always this  still remains one of our top priorities.  

We will have early dismissal on Wednesday 12/16.  Please follow the schedule below:

12:20 p.m.- Pre-K 3A , 3B, Pre-K for All

12:30-Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th,7th, and 8th 

12:40-Grades:1st and  2nd  

12:50-Grades: Kindergarten

Thursday 12/17 We will switch to Remote Instruction even if the New York City Department of Education decides not to close. Please refer to the remote learning plan that was sent to you earlier in November. Students are expected to be online promptly Thursday morning following their remote schedule.

These changes are all based on the weather forecast. We will resume In-Person instruction on Friday 12/18.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Ivan Green PhD
St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy
12 Newell Street • Brooklyn, NY 11222 • c: 718-383-1970

SSKCA Giving Tuesday Initiative: Help Raise $100,000

This Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020, please support SSKCA as we raise money to cover the extraordinary costs incurred as a result of pandemic. Our goal is to raise $100,000 or 100 pledges at $1,000. This pledge earns you a membership in the SSKCA Century Club.
Please note we are accepting donations of ANY AMOUNT on Tuesday, 12/1
If you are interested in making a donation of any amount (especially towards the Century Club), kindly check with your company or employer to see if they participate in a MATCHING GIFT program.  As you know, SSKCA is a non-profit, tax exempt organization that has been granted 501(c)(3) status, which qualifies us to be included in any matching gift program. 
Please refer to the third installment of our video series (see link below) for a complete update.  Kudos again to Nick Kaponyas (Class of ’13) for doing a phenomenal job with the production and editing of the video, along with all of the special guests who appear in the segment!!!  I encourage you to share the video with as many people as possible so that we can achieve our $100,000 goal on Giving Tuesday!!!  Enjoy!!!
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