5th to 8th Grades Overview

In the Upper School

  • Class is in session Monday through Friday from 8am to 3pm
  • Each class has a Homeroom Teacher
  • Curriculum includes Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Greek and Latin Roots and Religion
  • Honors programs are available for Language Arts and Mathematics for students who place in
  • We have additional special classes once a week in Spanish, Music, Art, Computer and Gym classes once a week
  • Recreational activities include recess outdoors every day
  • Parents provide healthy snacks and lunch for their children with the option of participating in the weekly Pretzel Snack or Pizza Lunch
  • Parents and Grandparents are encouraged to volunteer as lunch monitors and class trip chaperones
  • Bus transportation is available for families living in both Brooklyn and Long Island City

Extracurricular Activities by Grade

  • 5th Grade: Art Club, Chess, Choir, Scrabble Club, Drama Club, Dance Club, School Newspaper and Math Club, Girl Scouts
  • 6th Grade: Drama Club, Dance Club, School Newspaper, Math Club, Scrabble Club, Italian Club and Choir, Girl Scouts
  • 7th Grade: Drama Club, Photography Club, Dance Club, School Newspaper, Math Club, Scrabble Club, Choir and Math Club/Robotics, Ping-Pong, Girl Scouts
  • 8th Grade: Drama Club, School Newspaper, Dance Club, School Newspaper, Math Club/Robotics, Scrabble Club, Choir, Ping-Pong, Yearbook, Girl Scouts
  • After School Programs are available at local area providers and include Tap, Ballet, Spanish, Music, Art, Karate and Gymnastics.