parent testimonial

“Our 3 y/o son just started Pre-K3 and he tells me he has already made friends! He is singing new songs and can’t wait to go back to school each day! His teachers are amazing, so caring; we get personal messages about how he’s doing, and I love the international academic environment he is now in, which can help him explore and discover his talents in a playful hands-on manner! (E.g. Jr Einstein Science club) The after school program is also a fantastic bonus! So happy I chose to let my son be part of this amazing school, which goes all the way to 8th grade, so we’re all set!”

“St. Stans is an amazing place! My boys are the third generation attending the school and I couldn’t be more proud! The principal, teachers, and parents all give 110% of their effort! It’s one of the few places left in Greenpoint that have a true neighborhood feel to it and I’m happy to be part of it!”

“This school has been the wonderful safeheaven every child should have for middle school. Academically challenging with many extra activities, the children are kind, respectful and very willing to fill leadership roles. I recommend to everyone who asks.”

“My twin boys have been attending St-Stan for 2 years now and we absolutely love the school. The boys enjoy attending school everyday, and love the different after school options. As parents, we love the discipline and how well behaved all the kids are in the school. The classes are also very small, so every kid has a lot of attention and therefore learn so well.”